The Benefits of Nashville Assisted Living: Medication Management

Thursday, 30 November 2017 15:28
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Nashville assisted livingMaybelle Carter Senior Living - Our Senior Care Services Include Medication Management

Over time, our bodies tend to become increasingly vulnerable to acute and chronic conditions. These may result from various contributing risk factors or simply the effects of the natural aging process. But just because aging may bring some unwelcome changes does not mean it should hold your loved ones back from doing the things they love! Maybelle Carter Assisted Living of Nashville offers quality senior care services including medication management that can help regain control of pain, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Nashville Senior Care Services include:

  • Documenting all medications and medical history
  • Educating the purpose of each prescription
  • Medication management reminders, as needed
  • Checking for expired medications
  • Ensuring medications are stored properly
  • Ordering refill medications, as needed
  • Understanding of prescription dosage and conflicting medications

Incidents of poor medication management can be scary for seniors and their families, alike. They are often the reason for a transition into an Assisted Living community. Perhaps a senior loved one forgot they already took their medicine and overdosed, or missed doses.

Studies show that every 1 in 4 seniors take between 10 and 19 pills per day. Therefore, it can be difficult to remember what each medication is for, when it needs to be taken, or how it needs to be taken (e.g. with food or on an empty stomach).

Maybelle care providers ensure residents are regularly given their medications at the right times, taken on schedule and at the correct dosages,offering you and your family peace of mind.

Our certified staff is trained to manage complicated medication schedules from multiple prescribers and healthcare providers while managing the accuracy and confidentiality of health records. In many cases, our staff must coordinate with all residents, including many who may have impaired cognition and communicate in a confused state.

Because of all these challenges, the importance of training our staff cannot be overemphasized. We work to provide the resources needed to help staff provide quality and excellence in care and safety.

Our goal at Maybelle is to provide residents with the necessary assistance needed to manage health and wellness, including daily medication reminders, activities, and a wholesome diet. It is commonly said that the food we eat is a medicine within itself. Our Nashville senior living community offers personal senior care to each and every resident. Our nutritionists and dietary staff ensure that each meal is not only full of flavor, but also caters to the residents’ needs by factoring in management of chronic health conditions during meal preparation.

Finally, Assisted Living communities like Maybelle offer scheduled activities to keep residents moving because this encourages longevity and better overall health, as well as creating opportunities for social interaction that research suggests may be critical to long life and happiness.

For more information about our senior care services including medication management, call (615) 868-2290 today!

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