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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 20:01

Learn the Key to Living a Longer, Happier Life

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Everyone searches for the key to happiness throughout life, and everyone also seems to have differing opinions on what that key is. Is it family? A loving partnership or marriage? Wealth? Actually, it turns out that it is a combination of these – having a wealth of good relationships is the real key to living a long, happy life. Nashville retirement facility

In 1938, Harvard University started a study, and began tracking 724 men. These men came from a variety of backgrounds ranging from college students to men living in some of Boston’s poorest neighborhoods. The researchers initially interviewed these men about their lives, medically examined their brains and did blood work, and continued this process every 2 years. The majority of the surviving men from the study are now in their 90s.

After 75 years of research, there are now some solid clues that can help piece the happiness puzzle together. Harvard Professor of Psychology, Robert Waldinger, is now the 4th director of the study and says that those who lead healthier lives also have strong social bonds which protect their mental and physical health over the long-term. In contrast, individuals with health problems have a higher probability of becoming isolated which can lead to unhappiness in old age.

This seems like a fairly simple concept…stay healthy and make friends. However, consider the various phases of life and making friends: when we are in school, there is a built in network of individuals to choose to build relationships with; when we enter the workforce, our careers provide opportunity to form even more relationships. 

What happens when we retire though, and our colleagues/friends move on or become out of touch? Waldinger suggests that happiness is more likely for healthy seniors who make an effort to build new relationships after retirement. A person who is connected with friends, family and their community will tend to live a healthier, happier life than a person who is less connected.

The study also found that there were connections between mental unhappiness in younger years (caused by unhappy relationships) and physical pain in later years. For instance, some people reported that their physical pain at age 80 was magnified due to their emotional pain at age 50. This is why H. Jackson Brown Jr. said that who you marry determines, “90% of your happiness or misery.”

Even though romance may be hard to maintain in a relationship that lasts for generations, the study suggested that individuals who argued with their partner regularly had sharper memories.  This was dependent upon the individual feeling that they could count on their partner in tough times, suggesting that secure relationships help strengthen the brain.

What role does an Assisted Living Community, like Maybelle Carter, play in this?

When a senior moves into this type of community, they are not isolated. The community fosters a healthy balance of freedom and privacy with an environment designed to help create and grow social connections. There are planned outings, games, meals, and a variety of great physical activities that are planned by staff in order to nurture the mental and physical health of residents.

Even though the prospect of moving to an Assisted Living Community can be scary at first, the majority of people feel like they belong with their new “family” within a few weeks of getting settled in. Some even discover that they are not as shy as they thought, and find a new freedom by spreading their social wings! These types of strong social bonds can play a very important role in long-term physical and mental health, according to research.

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Written by Kristen Camden

Friday, 29 July 2016 15:03

Discussing Assisted Living with a Loved One

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When is the “right” time to move a loved one into an Assisted Living Community, such as Maybelle Carter? That question is not easily answered for many seniors or their loved ones, as the topic can be a great source of conflict. However, once an aging family member or loved one is unable to live alone, the topic becomes unavoidable.

The great news is that even though this life-changing decision can be scary, many Maybelle Carter residents tell us, “I wish I had done this years ago.” Think of the process in terms of the nervousness a high school graduate feels when they are transitioning from living at home to going off to college and living in a dorm room. The feelings of being home sick and anxious about an unfamiliar place and people are normal in both cases. Nashville assisted living

There is a misconception among some that Assisted Living communities are cold and sterile, like a hospital. This notion may be attributed to nursing homes, which focus primarily on providing residents with skilled medical care. In reality, Assisted Living communities offer seniors their own apartment, complete with a staff to help with housekeeping, laundry, and daily reminders that may be needed for medications. They also offer residents the freedom to come and go freely, delicious meals provided in a social dining room, and activities that are planned by the facility.

Even as great as the idea may sound and be presented, a loved one that is aging could adamantly refuse to leave the home that they live in, which may hold sentimental value or attachments. However, the discussion does not necessarily have to be negative if it is approached with open and honest communication.

It is suggested by experts that children and family share their concerns with their aging parent, provide options, and then listen to how their loved one feels. This method is far healthier and more beneficial to all parties involved, as opposed to dictating when and what changes will be made. Another reason why it is important to encourage, and discuss the benefits of, moving to an Assisted Living Community is to avoid the topic being forced by worsening health or an incident.

Once the topic has been discussed, take time to visit and learn about various communities to see which one is the best fit and most liked by the parent. Things to consider are the location, along with what services and activities are offered.

Even though the idea of moving out of their home may be met with negativity, they would much rather be part of the process and have a choice of where they will be living, if the time comes. For many, settling on Maybelle Carter’s Assisted Living Community is due to the family-like atmosphere, as much as the activities and amenities offered.

The peace of mind that comes along with knowing a loved one is cared for, balanced with the senior’s need and want for social interaction and independence, is what is offered at Maybelle Carter.
These are just a few considerations when discussing or moving an aging or disabled loved one into an Assisted Living Community.

To learn more about Maybelle Carter, call us at (844) 602-2602. 

Written by Kristen Camden

assisted living provides opportunities for friendshipsThe ideal scenario for living out our Golden Years are carefree days packed with fulfilling experiences and social opportunities. For many, a senior living community such as Maybelle Carter provides just that kind of lifestyle.

Moving to a community such as this is appealing for sure, but the question that hovers over such a relocation is how to pay for long term care.

The seniors best positioned for the future have thought ahead earlier in adult life, either by building equity in property that they can sell to pay for their living expenses, putting money away into a savings account or possibly investing in a Long-Term Care Insurance policy.

The majority of assisted living costs are paid through personal finances of residents and/or their families, so Maybelle Carter seeks to educate the public so that the eventual move to a senior living community is a smooth transition free of financial worries about depleted funds.
Some mistakenly believe Medicare will cover the cost of assisted living, but that isn’t what the program was designed for. It does cover health expenses that seniors of a certain income may face, but it does not pay for assistance with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting, etc. Fees at Maybelle Carter are based on an evaluation process of how much help a resident needs performing these tasks.

We’re unlocking financial solutions to provide confidence and security for seniors and families. In toay’s world, that says a lot.

Some options to investigate:

  • Veteran Benefits – Elder Resource Benefits Consulting – If you are a US veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible to receive a federal monthly pension to help for personal care such as assisted living.
  • Line of Credit – ElderLife Financial Services – Flexible credit options are ideal for those who need rent support while they wait for other benefits to begin or are in the process of selling a home.
  • Converting a Life Insurance Policy – Life Care Funding Group – The liquidation of a policy through a Life Settlement can act as a “funding bridge” to help cover the costs of retirement and senior living when other assets such as a home or stocks are underperforming or difficult to sell.
  • Gift Tax Exemption – Family members can pitch in toward the cost of assisted living and take advantage of the IRS gift tax exemption. Consultation with a tax professional is strongly advised before making financial decisions.
  • Companion Living – Roommates at Maybelle Carter Retirement Life Community enjoy dedicated suite apartments at lower monthly rates without sacrificing any of Maybelle Carter’s signature amenities, programs or services.

These are just some of the financial solutions that can help residents move forward with confidence. For more information about these programs, please contact our marketing coordinators at (615) 868-2290.

Written by Steven Stiefel

Tennessee senior communityEventually, Nashville seniors face the reality that the children have grown up and moved into homes of their own, leaving empty nests that may have more space than they need and requiring more home maintenance than they can keep up with as they age. At the same time, the prospect of moving elsewhere can be frightening because we associate a lot of good memories to our homes and resist change.

But Maybelle Carter Retirement Life Community makes change look downright amazing. There are a lot of perks to living here, especially the evaporation of worries about lawns to mow and boredom sitting alone in front of a television, having to plan and prepare a meal, then clean dishes, etc. In our golden years, this is the time to simply enjoy life and let someone take care of us for a change.

Some seniors worry that they’re going to spend this stage of their lives in a cold, crowded facility where they lack privacy and dignity, but these are fundamental needs we respect. A visit to Maybelle Carter, perhaps talking to residents about how they like living here, can change attitudes and dispel misconceptions very easily.

Residents can decorate their apartments with cherished possessions and do not have to get rid of their beloved pets to live at Maybelle Carter. These precious companions are welcome here.

Our spacious Independent Living apartments offer your own laundry room, full kitchen and large bathroom, individually controlled central heat and air, and a ceiling fan in the living room. It’s just like living in an apartment elsewhere, except that emergency assistance is available within moments 24 hours a day, plus there’s someone to cook and clean, opportunities to socialize and the security that comes from living in a community.

Our Assisted Living program offers a higher degree of help with services to assist with getting to and from the dining room, in or out of the shower or tub, helping to dress, helping with grooming or getting to or from the bathroom, plus medication reminders and other little things that are more easily accomplished with help.

Maybelle Carter ensures the safety of our residents with a fire system complete with smoke detectors and sprinklers, emergency personnel on duty 24/7, a resident sign-in and out system, doors secured at 9 pm each evening, and floor rounds several times each night. This is peace of mind that simply cannot be matched by a family caregiver, even if the senior is living within a shared space with their grown children. We pride ourselves on the safety of our facility and the compassion of our staff.

With our month-to-month lease, seniors and their families have the flexibility to change the arrangement if a resident decides that life in our community isn’t for them. We’re betting once they sample life here and make friends, they’ll really enjoy the quality of life that we can offer. Call (615) 868-2290 to schedule a tour and free consultation.

Written by Steven Stiefel

Thursday, 30 October 2014 12:45

How to Talk About Moving to a Senior Living Community

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Nashville senior living communityToday we are going to talk about one of the most crucial conversations that can take place between a grown child and their aging parent: discussing a move to a senior living facility like Maybelle Carter.

Sometimes it is the parent who realizes he or she needs help with routine tasks or simply wants the socialization that comes from being in close proximity to other people their age. Other times, the grown children may urge the parent to consider such a move for the sake of their health.

It's only natural to want to stay in our homes for as long as we can. Most Nashville seniors are able to stay in their homes for years with a relatively small amount of help, then gradually, it may become more difficult for them and moving become less of a choice, more of a necessity.

Once your family is sure that a move is in the senior's best interest, the process needs to be handled delicately and gradually. Parents may not be aware of the dangers of staying at home alone once health starts to decline. There may also be inaccurate preconceived notions about what to expect at a senior living community. The senior may not understand what senior living options exist these days and all the benefits that senior living communities can offer.

At Maybelle Carter, we create a warm "homey" atmosphere with loving support from a friendly and well-trained staff. The senior's level of independence is carefully assessed by our licensed staff to determine how much help is needed, so the parent shouldn't necessarily dwell on doctors and medications but on our activities and social opportunities.

It's important to get these things on the table and discuss the various options that are available. This information will help start the conversation with your loved one. Information about our amenities and services can be found at

If the senior is reluctant, highlight the positives and use non-threatening talk. Seniors typically feel relieved once they see for themselves that Maybelle Carter really is a community rather than a stark "room" as we offer multiple floor plans including 1,100-square-foot two bedroom, two bath apartments equipped with full size kitchens and the ability to decorate with cherished possessions. Pets can even come along as a roommate.

One of the big worries for seniors is that they don't want to be a burden in any way to their children. They don't want to have to worry about their children paying for the move or having to visit them once they are in a new place. They may not understand what senior living options exist these days and all the benefits that senior living communities can offer them.

Call us at (615) 868-2290 or visit to schedule a visit and tour. We welcome the opportunity to act as a true resource to you and yours.

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