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Nashville assisted livingDid you know that the more doctors you have managing your care, the more you can find yourself at risk? Multiple prescriptions can mean a larger possibility for drug errors, including drug-to-drug interactions; under- or over-utilization of a drug; duplication of therapies; and incorrect dosages.
You are your own best advocate when it comes to your health care. Communicating clearly and effectively about your medical history with your doctors is imperative. Your ongoing health depends on it.
There are some easy ways to make sure you have made the most of your time with your physician and leave your visit knowing that you have asked all of the right questions and are aware of next steps regarding your follow up treatment.
Keeping your health information all together, perhaps in a notebook or binder, to bring to your next doctor's visit is a must. All doctors' names, phone numbers, copies of insurance cards, a list of current medications, etc. should be included.
Ask someone to come with you at your next appointment. A friend or relative can ensure that you know when your appointments are and keep notes regarding doctor's instructions. They can also help you keep your medications in order.
Be sure to ask your doctor whether any of the medications that they have prescribed will interact in any way with medications that you've previously been prescribed.
Lastly, if have questions about anything you discussed during your appointment, don't be afraid to ask if your doctor will explain it to you again.

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At Maybelle Carter Retirement Life Community, our activity room is typically busy with morning exercise groups, Wii bowling and golf and other programs. Staying in motion has health benefits for people of all ages, including Madison seniors.

Exercise can be fun, especially when done as a group activity.

You can get more benefits by talking with friends while walking rather than sitting. If you are physically able, take stairs instead of elevators or escalators when out and about in Nashville on a shopping trip.

Even a little bit of exercise can help improve the way we feel and how our bodies react to chronic conditions, even if you aren’t lifting anything particularly heavy or walking great distances.

Seniors should check with their physician before beginning any new exercise regimen. Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can help your body stay limber, but you don’t want to overdo it. Seniors concerned about balance can sit or use a rail in many cases. Start with a routine that’s comfortable and simple to keep your heart and muscles active.

Beyond the obvious physical benefits, getting some exercise improves mood and contributes to greater happiness. Working out with others provides support and motivation while combating loneliness.

Ask us at Maybelle Carter Retirement Life Community about ways we help keep Nashville seniors healthy and active. 

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